Saturday, April 7, 2012

Short and Sweet

As I write this, we are packing up the last couple of things to head to Miami in the morning.  Bahamas here we come....but first we get to celebrate our RISEN LORD!  We have been doing lots of fun Easter things but I will save those pictures until we get back from our cruise.  We hope you all have a blessed Easter and remember that we celebrate it, not because a bunny hides eggs to be found, but that a loving God, who came to earth to live as a man, took the punishment for our sin and in doing so, defeated death.  Hallelujah!  Praise the Lord!  
Here are the zoo pictures I was telling you about.  We went with my dear friend Paige and her son Owen (and his new brother Ethan).
 This guy works at the zoo and was in the monkey house.  Hadley asked him what he was sitting on and then he asked her if she wanted a ride.  
 This guy was letting people hold his snake but Hadley was totally fine with just touching its tail.  And that is all she talked about the rest of the she touched the snake's tail.  :)
 You don't get to see these monsters very often because they like to hide.  That is one giant snake and I am always thankful that they don't live where I live (that I know of).
 Strutting his stuff.
 Sweet friends.
 This is a big water feature they have right inside the zoo's main gate.  The girls love playing in it but they always leave soaking wet when I say its ok.
 The seminary was having a free dental screening one Saturday and we thought we better take the girls to see if all is well.  They passed with flying colors and each got a new toothbrush which they were pumped about.
 So for those of you who don't follow college basketball (don't worry if you don't, I don't either) we live in Louisville, KY, home of the University of Louisville.  About 1 hour away is Lexington, KY, home of the University of Kentucky.  These 2 teams are HUGE RIVALS.  And when I say huge, I mean bigger than UW and CSU, bigger than the Coyote and the Roadrunner, bigger than Moses and Pharaoh (maybe not that big) but.....HUGE RIVALS.  When we first moved here, a cashier at Walmart asked us as we were checking out, "Are you blue or red?"  We said we were brown and gold fans :)  Well this year, these two teams happened to make it all the way to the Final Four where they played each other, something that has never happened and if it did once upon a time, no one my age was around to see it.  It has been rather crazy around here.  Kentucky is blue and Louisville is red.  I'm not partial either way since we live in both Louisville and Kentucky but I guess since U of L is here, we were pulling for them......they lost and Kentucky went on to take the Championship.  
Love to you all!  Happy Easter!

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