Friday, July 6, 2012

Wyoming Part 2

Apparently we have been busy around here.  I wanted to get the last of these pictures up before anymore time passes.  The last week of our visit we spent time with lots of family and tried to soak up as much Hunter time as possible.  Our dear family friend, Melinda Brazzale, works at the new library in Cheyenne.  Becca took us to see it and it is incredible!  If you live in is a GREAT place to take the kids on a rainy (or super hot) day.  You could spend hours there.
Hadley loves Search and Find books.  They have a Search and Find table!  
And then we wen to the Botanical Gardens.  They have done so much since we left but I guess it has been awhile since we lived many fun things.
And one of the highlights of the trip was riding with Opa in the Jeep.  They thought it was a blast!  They just rode around the property but there were lots of bumps which they thought were fun.  I could hear them yelling to go faster!  I'm not super thrilled that my children are dare-devils but glad they enjoyed their time.
My parents property is next to a pasture with horses.  We went and fed them some apples.
My parents took the girls and I to Denver on Saturday before we left.  We played in the pool that night......
and went to the Butterfly Pavilion the next morning before our flight.
I had never been and its pretty fun.  The girls love touch anything and everything so they had a blast.
"Butterfly" pavilion isn't just for butterflies.  They have a LOT of bugs and other fun turtles and fish.
They also have a giant spider you can "pet."  If you do it, you get a special sticker that says, "I pet Rosie," but my girls did not care.  They would NOT pet the spider.....maybe not so dare-devily after all. 
When Andy and I were in Ireland, we took pictures of as many flowers as we could.  It has kind of become a tradition to get pictures of cool flowers at different places we visit.  They had some pretty ones in the butterfly room.........
Hadley putting together a giant puzzle.
And playing in the big spider web.  Thank you Oma and Opa for everything!
Love to you all!

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