Friday, July 20, 2012

Water, friends, and some exciting news!

We have been members of our zoo (thank you Mom and Dad!) for 2.5 years now and we have never been to the little splash park they have.  Well since it has been over 100 here for some time, we decided to try it out.  The girls loved it and we MUST go back. 
Our friends from college, Erich and Maureen Kirsch, were in Indianapolis so we went up and had a fantastic weekend with them the beginning of July.  Jon and Heather Hughes were there too (Andy, Erich, and Jon were all roommates).  They (Erich and Maureen) have a sweet girl, Audrey, who we met for the first time.  We always enjoy the laughter and fellowship we have with them!
Maureen pushing Audrey and Hadley.
Everyone hanging out....Heather with darling Ainsley, Nolan, Andy and Audrey, and Hadley in the background.
Erich's dad has a boat and he let all the kiddos go for a quick ride.  They LOVED it, wanted to go faster, then slower, then faster. 
Andy and the girls went swimming in the lake too.  I saw a water snake swim under the dock earlier in the day and decided I would NOT be entering said lake, thank you very much.
Sweet baby Ainsley taking a nap...
And then they went kayaking.  That Had loves her dad (and the water).
All of us!  This is the last picture of the day and you can tell that most of us are beat.  We had a wonderful time with wasn't quite complete without Jason, Kaylan, and Abigail though (Jason was roommates with the guys as well).
Our dear friends here in Louisville, Kyle and Paige (who I'm pretty sure have made this blog before) had us over for dinner and games one night and the girls were thinking that Owen was pretty funny.  
For work, Andy had to plan a fun water day for the families who live on campus.  Well it rained that day so they moved inside and had face painting and bouncy houses :)  Maybe not quite what he had in mind but still fun.
Happy 4th!
And now the exciting news.....WE ARE MOVING TO KANSAS!  AAAAAHHHHHH AND YIPPEE!  Actually, God has been so incredibly awesome (as usual ;)) and Andy has been hired as the new Associate Pastor of Youth and Music at The Church of the Open Door in Leavenworth, Kansas.  We are moving in 2 weeks (hence the AAAAAAHHHHHH) and are so so excited be a part of a new family of believers who are committed to preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ (hence the YIPPEE). God answered our prayer by making it clear that this is where He wants us to serve and we couldn't be more thankful!  Andy will be leading worship for 2 morning services and 1 evening service as well as teaching the Junior and Senior High youth.  We can't wait!  Below are a few pictures of the house we will be renting (also a blessing only God could have provided).  
Master bathroom with a LAUNDRY CHUTE!
The partially finished attic that I have dreams of turning into a guest bedroom/playroom/craft room/romantic getaway/school room/workout area/the possibilities are endless.  The stairs come up in the middle so this is only one half.
Dining room.
KITCHEN!  If any of you know the kitchen we have now, you know why I put KITCHEN in caps.  I am NOT going to know what to do with myself and may get winded walking from the sink to the stove because the distance is astronomical.  ;)
This is the backyard with a tiny fenced-in garden next to the condemned-looking garage.  If Andy was typing, GARDEN would be in all caps.  I can't wait for him to grow me some awesome fruits and veggies!  
Our new church!
From the dining room looking toward the front door and living room.
From the front door looking at the dining room.
The girls are going to share a room and we will have a spare room too....GUESTS ARE WELCOME! I am excited because in my head, Kansas in a great stopping place between the east and the west!  
Random family fun....Chick-fil-a had their Cow Appreciation Day last week.  If you dressed up from head to hoof like a cow, you received a free meal.  So all 4 of us ate for free with our stellar cow masks, black construction paper spots, and paper hooves. 

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