Sunday, August 19, 2012

We are back online!

Well, we made it!  After lots of goodbyes and tears and hugs and loves, we left Lousiville, Kentucky and officially became Kansans.  It has been quite the crazy 3 weeks and the pictures are random but we are mostly unpacked and getting settled.  God is good, all the time!
Thistlebend Ministries, where I have been working since arriving in Louisville 3 years ago, threw me a little surprise good-bye party.  The boy in the yellow has been in my class since I started but I haven't seen him all summer and it was a wonderful surprise!  The girl on the left is the daughter of my boss, Amy, who hired me and has been my sister, teacher, and friend.
Our dear friends, Kyle, Paige, and Owen, wanted to take us to a baseball game all summer and the night we plan on going a huge lightening storm hit.  We went to Gattiland instead (similar to Chuck-e-Cheese but way better :))  The kids had a BLAST playing all the did the adults.   
Before we left we had a plethora of boxes strewn about the house.  Andy came home with an especially giant one and made it into a house for the girls.  It was a hit and brought back some sweet refrigerator box house memories.
We also threw a little going away party for anyone who wanted to come.  We had a good turn out and consumed about 15 pounds of brisket so the food must have been good :)    
The kids playing some croquet.  
And playing in the river trying to catch tadpoles.
Our sweet little friend Anthon who used to hang out with us a lot.  We are going to miss that guy.  :)
Eating Chick-fil-A on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day with the Clutterhams!  We miss you guys!
My parents flew out to help us move and the 2 days before we left we hit up the World's Longest Yard Sale which stretches from Michigan to Alabama.  Because of rain and traffic and frequent stops, we only covered about 40 miles of the 680 mile route but it was worth it and super fun.  My mom was in Yard Sale heaven :)  
A local grape vineyard and winery we passed along the way.
And believe it or not I didn't get a single picture of my parents helping us, or our sweet friends that stopped to see us or Andy's parents who came through for a night.  I guess we have had other things on our minds than taking pictures.  Since things have calmed down a bit the camera has made a reappearance.  The Fort was having a fair that the church had a booth at so the girls and I went while Andy manned the booth.  We got there late and missed the face painting and balloon animals but they got to jump in a bouncy house and eat suckers so they were happy.      
And finally some before and after pictures of the house....the upstairs is to come in the next blog post.  We are finished with it but the girls were sleeping when I was taking the after pictures.
My parents bought the girls a little house warming present....3 fish and a snail.  It is the highlight of the day when it's time for the fish to eat.
Thank you Mom and Dad for all your hard work.  We would not be this far along without all your hard work.  Thank you Janet and Kemper for driving 10+ hours out of your way to see us and bring us more  goodies.  We love you all!

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Coffeymomma said...

Congrats on the move! I haven't been great at commenting lately but love the house! Hope things are going well.