Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kansas Fun

We are feeling more at home here everyday.  It has been a crazy couple of months but we are fitting in and loving our new digs.  We have been trying to get out and see the sights as much as possible, but relaxing at home every now and then doesn't hurt either.  
 A good friend told us about this place that's fun for kids, free Monday through the Thursday.  The girls had a blast and ask often if we can go back (which we will, I'm sure).
They have an old one room school house....
 with real desks and books and a teacher that comes in a teaches a lesson (which we didn't stay for).  
 Hadley is getting good at writing her name.  
And Joni likes to scribble. 
 Then we were off to see the cows, with a stop of to make some music at the cow bells. 
 The girls learned that day that cows drink water, not milk, and but the milk we drink comes from them.  A concept apparently difficult to grasp.  I am told (by Hadley) that baby cows do drink milk though, then they drink water later.  A lady standing near Hadley while I took the picture started laughing and then told me that Hadley walked up and said, "Oh, what a beautiful cow."
 The next stop was the goats.  We went in to pet them.....
 but promptly left when all they wanted was to eat Joni's dress.  She thought it was funny for about 1 second and then it was just scary.
 Riding some tractors.
 Feeding some birds....
 and some fish.
 One of the first weekends we were here, the fair was also in town.  We went and checked out the pigs   and cows and sheep and then the quilts which I look forward to.  Then we got a funnel-cake (what Andy looks forward to) and cotton candy for the girls.  Hadley is definitely going to be Andy's rollercoaster/ride girl.  They are in the middle.
 Playing with girls at church.  Hadley and Joni will not be suffering for little girl time here....that is for sure.
Every 2nd Saturday of the month they have a little get together downtown.  It is always different but this time they had some kids activities so we checked it out.  They colored some pictures and made some crowns.
 Hadley got to "tour" a firetruck which she thought was cool.
 So here is the playground across the street from our house.  They have 3 slides so Jo is happy and 3 swings so Hadley is happy.  As soon as Hadley learns to pump herself on the swing, I'll be happy.  :)
 See the tree and the car in the background, that's our tree and our car.  We live across the street from what used to be school but now is an educational building used for a variety of classes.  Super close!
 They found this little hide-out in some trees and were completely occupied by the dirt.  Quite the imaginations.  
 On the way home they found some walking sticks and Hadley says, "I'm the grandma and Joni's the grandpa."
 We have been trying to clean up the house a bit since it had been empty for awhile before we moved in.  Andy lifted up a big flat board in the backyard and found it covered with snails.  
 which the girls thought were AWESOME and wanted to keep.
 The library is also super close too (about 5 blocks away) and in September they started story time.  We go, listen to some books.....
 and then make a craft.  The girls look forward to it every week.
 Last week the theme was butterflies and caterpillars and they made egg-carton caterpillars to take home.
My mom sent the girls some roller blades and roller skates and they were SO excited to try them.  So across the street we did go and they are pretty good at it.  More practice wouldn't hurt but they will be pro in no time.  Safety first :)
 Joni doing the hop-scotch board.  You can't tell from the picture but she is just running across it.  I showed her how to do it but running is so much quicker and easier.  :)
 Buffalo Bill Cody is big around here and last weekend they had the Buffalo Bill Cody days.  Lots of bands and fun things to do.  One of which was the car show....Hadley picked out her favorite.
 Riding the train...
 And then the outhouse races.  Yes, you read that right.  Only in Kansas.
 There is Buffalo Bill Cody introducing the teams and shooting the GO! gun.  
 One of the highlights of the afternoon....riding the stagecoach.  Aren't they cute?  Good times!
 And finally a couple more pictures of the house.  Love to you all!
 The girls' room.

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