Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bethlehem, lights, caroling, and pretty dresses

 Hold on tight, this is a long one.  So if you have seen any pictures of our family recently, you will have noticed that Andy is (was) a little hairier than normal :)  Our church here in Leavenworth started an amazing ministry 2 years ago called Walk Through Bethlehem.  It takes everyone in the church to help put it on and it is quite the production.  We decorate and set up the church like Bethlehem, straw, walls, Roman guards, animals, and tax collectors too.  There are guides that walk small groups through and explain a little about how Bethlehem would have looked (and smelled) when Jesus was born.  At the end, the Gospel is clearly presented guests are shown why it was such an "o HOLY night."  This being our first year at this, we took a small (but important) part as the innkeeper and his wife.
 We did this for 3 nights and the girls got so excited to go dress up.  They had baby goats in the "family home" and a donkey, some sheep, and some goats out in the "stable."
This is the woodworkers shop.... 

 the winemaker...
 the fruit and vegetable stand....
 the well...
 and the tax collector who charged for animals and slaves and relatives who were left at home and......
the inn.  This is where we spent most of our time, either has the inn keeper and his wife or as people who were filling the inn.  The girls did great at "sleeping" in the inn.
It was incredible and we are excited to do it again next year.  Oh, and around 1050 people came through Bethlehem in 3 nights....some waiting over 1.5 hours to see it.  Here is a page on our website about it with a link to a video if you want to watch :)  http://www.opendoorinfo.org/site/default.asp?sec_id=180007550  
So Andy started growing his beard in September and I told him that would be fine (since everyone else in Bethlehem was growing one too) but on December 9th when it was over.....well I hoped he would shave it :)  Many of you saw this on Facebook but thought I would share it here as well....the shaving progression....1st is the MOUNTAIN MAN...

2.  The Tony Stark (Iron Man)
 3.  The Shakespeare
 4.  The Kemper Huber (Andy's dad)
 5.  The Youth Pastor (nothing says "I'm down" like an upside-down arrow on your chin).
 6.  The I LOVE MY WIFE, aka FAT FACE, aka FROZEN UPPER LIP.  I LOVE the smoothness and I love that Andy loves me enough to get rid of it.  Best. Husband. Ever.
 We went Christmas caroling with the youth group this weekend and girls got into it.  We visited some elderly care centers and an older couple in our church who had been sick.  The girls were also excited about the candy and cookies at the end :)
 We took 3 hour family outing to look at a light show south of Kansas City.  The light show took about 20 minutes but we had fun in the car and the girls loved the lights so it was worth it.  It was pretty good and had lots of animation.
 Realized I never posted a finished picture of the house.
 We went to the Christmas Parade and tree lighting downtown and the parade was, I kid you not, 10 minutes long....we aren't in Cheyenne anymore :)  The girls thought it was fun though so I guess that is what counts.
 And a picture with Frosty.  Joni wasn't so sure about the snowman but we caught her off guard long enough to get a good one.
 Some fake carolers with some super sweet real ones.
 And it is that time of year....when Oma and Opa go to Once Upon a Child and get the girls all stocked up on cute cute super cute Christmas dresses.  There are more to come....we are saving the best ones for last.
 Nothing like petting kitties and ponies in your Sunday best.  We had dinner at some dear friends' house and the girls could not resist seeing the animals.
And a few more....I know....isn't she a doll with her little hand warmer.
Love to you all.  More to come soon!

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