Sunday, January 6, 2013

Merry Christmas post

I am having a hard time finding words to open this post...this picture says it all I think.
 More cute Christmas dresses (and coats).  This was our Christmas Eve service so we got extra curled and fancy.
 This was Andy directing his first Christmas choir.  They only did one song during the Christmas Eve service and it was awesome.  
 Happy Birthday Jesus!  We opened presents on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, and when Nana and Papa got there the next day.  They all run together here but you get the idea, super blessed, super fun, super wonderful Christmas!  These giant animals (gorilla and bear) were from Uncle Ben.  
 This year Hadley has been doing AWANA at our church.  They get points for different things and then they can go shopping at the AWANA store for Christmas presents.  She went "shopping" all by herself and got something for the three of us.  I had to post her presents....Joni got a hard porcelain puppy (point for Andy--  puppies: 1 kitties: 1)
 Andy got a mug (very stylish I might add).
 And I got a miniature watering can.  I definitely got the best deal of the bunch :)  It was fun to see Hadley so excited about her purchases.
 So we had big plans to sleep on the floor under the tree next to the fire.  Joni and I fell asleep in the chair (cold and far away from the fire) and an hour later Hadley and Andy fell asleep in the other chair.  At 2 am we all went to bed :)  The girls were up at 8 though ready to roll.
 Andy did "What God Wants for Christmas" first thing Christmas morning.  You open little presents that tell the nativity story and the end is a mirror.  What God wants for Christmas is YOU.  
 Love this looks like Joni's bear is trying to play with her.  
 The cake we made for Jesus' Birthday.  My first fondant covered masterpiece which would not have worked without my husband's help!
 We made rouladen and spaetzle for Christmas dinner (German food) which was delicious and didn't get dressed or go anywhere all day.  It was fantastic.
 The girls (dressed in princess outfits from Oma and Opa) played with all their fun new things.
 The next morning NANA AND PAPA arrived!!!  The first thing, and I mean first thing that Hadley wanted to do was make the gingerbread house we had gotten to do with Nana.  I promise the girls did get undressed and redressed the next day.  They just really love their princess dresses.  If you look closely (or are super observant), they switched.
 THEN we got to open presents from Nana and Papa.  We also opened a ton of wonderful things (including princess dresses) from Oma and Opa and other wonderful family and friends but for some reason I didn't get any pictures...too exited I guess.
 We have more Nana and Papa fun worries :)  I had to put these snow pictures in too.  We had a white Christmas and the it turns out that Hadley LOVES the snow.  After living in Louisville and seeing snow only a couple of times, the girls were beside themselves!
 Stirring hot chocolate with candy advent activity.
Check back soon for another post.  Love to you all!  

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