Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nana and Papa part 2

Nana and Papa stayed for almost a week and the girls had a blast, of course :)  While the women went shopping the guys and the kids went to Cabela's to see the fish.  Turns out, this Cabela's only has six fish, but they also have a giant trophy deer collection with lots of deer and other "stuffed" animals.  
Here is Joni watching the animatronic deer hunters talk about why they are surrounded by 200 deer......I don't really know, I wasn't there.
Here's Hadley "feeding" one of the deer.
For one of our presents, Nana and Papa took us to the Children's Museum in Kansas City.  It was in an old school and every room had something different and fun to do.  This room had a farm where you picked the veggies and fruit and gathered the eggs and then took them to the grocery store where you get your shopping cart and go shopping.  
Joni liked gathering eggs.  Maybe we should get some chickens. :)
Putting on a little puppet show.
The next room was building a log cabin.  They really thought this was cool.  We all started building our own little house until the girls went off to do something else and Andy and Kemper were the only ones left still working on it.  

The art room....coloring on the chalkboard castle.
Water room where we left surprisingly dry :)
The small version of Lego-land room.  This is supposed to be some kind of spaceship but the toilet, popcorn, microwave, and hamburger are all made of legos.
The rollercoaster room.  Joni got her bucket of balls....
and went to town.

And their very favorite room...the baby hospital and vet clinic.
They just look so professional in their little lab coats.  

Joni trying out the reception desk.

For lunch we headed to the Dino Cafe.  This "little" guy who moves and makes noise by the way, greets you at the door.

And of course, some more book/computer/game/Papa time.  
and Nana time too :)
Of course, we couldn't have a visit from a grandma and not end up with cute cute clothes.  These tops were on sale and when we got in the car, noticed they had ears.  The girls are trying to be scary polar bears.  I could just eat them up :)
The girls received a hair salon kit complete with curling iron, straightener, and blow dryer that "weally wuks!" according to Joni.  Since I have the longest hair, I have been getting it done quite often.
We were so blessed to have Janet and Kemper here.  Thank you for everything, all the food, and clothes, and gifts, and company!  So so so so so glad you made the trip!  Love to you all!

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