Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Before and after" and 3 firsts

So this was our garage before.  Three of four walls were rotten, it was filled with garbage, and was covered in shingles.  It needed some work.  When we bought the house, we included the funds to get it fixed in our loan
And the after!  We actually finished it in November and I'm just now getting a picture.  Anyways, we can park in it, use it for storage, and my dear husband as a work bench to make me sweet shelves.

 Our living room before....  
 Fixing up our house is a family affair.  The girls want to help Dad with EVERYTHING.  They are sanding the shelves.
 and then it was my turn to put 3 coats of stain on them.  
and this is the AFTER.  My handy husband is good to have around :)  
Before the 10 inches of snow we got.

 And after.
This picture makes me laugh.  Those are some awesome outfits....Joni seriously has like 4 dresses on. She looks like a fabric blob.
 1st first: the dentist...which was much more fun that when I was a kid going to the dentist.  They get to wear sunglass so the light doesn't hurt their eyes, they watch cartoons (and listen with headsets) and the lady painted Hadley's teeth pink.  She asked if we could go to the dentist every Tuesday :)
 They both did great and Joni's teeth looked good.  Let's just say we are going to have to start flossing Hadley's teeth better, she WILL get to go to the desist every other Tuesday for a little while :/, and the dentist said she will be our orthodontic nightmare.  Greeeeaaaaat.
 WWI museum in Kansas City.
Go Broncos!  :(
2nd first:  Skiiing!  We had a youth group ski trip but Andy taught both of our girls and they did great.  Joni really loved the "high chairs" and both girls cried when it was time to leave.  Again, they are their father's daughters.
 Coming down the bunny slope.
 And coming down the bigger hill. 
 Jo's turn.
 Best part of being outside in the cold is coming in to warm up by the fire....which is where I spent all of my day.  My kind of skiing day is sitting in the lodge drinking hot chocolate!
 These next pictures are super random.  These are some cakes I made...
 Joni has started learning her alphabet...can you guess what letter we were on?  Corn, crackers, cheese, chicken, and carrots for dinner.
 Enjoying our fireplace!
 Also enjoying our time indoor because of all the snow and cold weather.  
This is Hadley's drawing of a flower at her preschool/homeschool co-op she goes to once a week.  Pretty good I think but I could be biased.
 We did brave the frigid temps one day and went sledding on a hill near our house.  Joni said she "hated every minute of it" but wanted to go again and again.
 That's a good dad right there...carries the sled and the rider up the hill.
3rd first:  the Olympics!  We made medals, a Russian meal for dinner (pirogues and borscht soup), and..... 
 personal ice skating rinks (frozen water in pie dishes)!  The triple lutz' weren't quite gold worthy but they had fun anyways. 
Love to you all!

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