Thursday, March 27, 2014

St. Patty's and Catch-up

Busy busy days we are having here!  Our poor blog has taken a backseat but fun things are coming soon.  January and February were spent mostly inside trying to stay warm.  We had quite a few below 0 degree really really cold (which I would rather trade for 4 feet of snow but thats just me).  This picture was around Valentine's Day.  Andy tried to take the girls to a Daddy-Daughter tea and found out when we got there, you had to buy tickets in advance and they were sold out.  Soooooo, he took them out for hot chocolate and pie instead....which I think they were fine with :)
Our Valentine's Day tradition is spending $5 on each other at Walmart.  We each pick 3 things we think the other one will like and then get to choose between the 3.  I got corn on the cob pokers (Andy knows that the kitchen gadget department is usually a good bet for me) and Andy picked the fly zapper swatter tennis racket thing.
Our anniversary is less than a month after Valentines....the only thing I look forward to when Christmas ends is February and March when I get to celebrate how much I love my husband.
Our anniversary dinner was at a REALLY good Irish restaurant downtown that we both agreed was waaaay better than the food we ate when we were in Ireland on our honeymoon.  Happy 8 years Bib!   Seriously, best years of my life.  
Girls wearing their Queen Esther crowns we made.
And finally enjoying some warm weather....first things first--get out the sidewalk chalk.
St. Patrick's Day was fun for us because we've been to Ireland so it seems like we have a connection (even though we don't really), our dear friends from WY who we haven't seen in almost 5! years were visiting, and we got to go to a parade.  Oh and we ate Lucky Charms for breakfast....they are "magically delicious" and our special St. Patrick's Day only tradition. 
Doug, Tuesday, Isaiah, Roland, Titus, and Emma Wookie came and stayed two nights with us and we were so happy they did.  It was so good to catch-up and hear about our old church in Laramie, WY.  The
girls loved all the attention and were sad to see them go.  Such a blessing.
Heading to the parade...Hadley and her friend Adonia...too cute.  Notice the leggings Oma and Opa got the girls....also super cute (close-up below).
Emma and Joni.
Waiting for the candy...which we didn't end up getting much of.  Note to selves:  sit at the beginning of the parade so the excited parade walkers have plenty to throw you before they run out a quarter of the way through.
And of all the green balloons, green cars, green tractors, green painted wagons, green people, green spinning mushroom floats, this dog getting a ride from this pony was (according to the kids), "Best part of the parade...ever!"
Jo enjoying her friends...
And of course, we had to have green dinner!  Pesto chicken and pasta with kale avocado salad and broccoli and asparagus.  It looked....pretty good and tasted amazing!
And chocolate chip mint ice cream....
and green slushies for dessert.
All the kiddos.  I know I say it a lot, but time goes by too fast.  When we left WY to go to seminary in KY, Emma was Hadley's age and Hadley was 9 months old.  So crazy.
This is Joni, sleeping, under a book she obviously fell asleep reading.  Remind you of anyone, Oma?
And we had to kill some time at Walmart and this is what Hadley did for 45 minutes while we waited.  I'm so glad our girls love books.  I sure hope they stay that way.
More to come soon about our Rainbow Week Spring Break!   Love to you all!

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