Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Catching up--everything but Easter

How does time get away from me so?  Things are going well and we are gearing up for summer and all the traveling and visiting we will be doing.  My sweet grandmother passed away in February and we miss her so!  This picture was being passed around and I fell in love with was taken after they got married...she is holding the baby coyote they got as a wedding gift!  Such a wonderful picture of two people who never stopped loving each other....70 years later.  I framed it and it sits on our counter.   
Hadley is almost done with her first year of Kindergarten.  She really enjoys learning new things and has taken to reading!  She loves reading...just like her mom :)  For science she has been doing these lap books...environments, push and pull, and this week we talked all about weather.  We are excited for next year too when she's in 1st and Joni is in Kindergarten.  My babies are growing up!
 Nana and Papa's Legoland gift has come in handy on more than one occasion.  We so enjoy taking friends too!  The 3D movies are always a hit!
 For Valentine's Day, our little town puts on a Father/Daughter Tea.  Andy took the girls this year and they LOVED it!  I guess any excuse to dress up and go dancing with their dad....and eat lots of candy and get presents.
Valentine's Breakfast:  heart shaped waffles <3 p="">
 Crazy hair night at AWANA.
 Having dinner with some friends we found them all like this....the girls love their pets!
My grandma taught me so much about sewing and quilting.  There were a few weeks around here where thread and needles could be found EVERYWHERE.  I'm excited they enjoy it so....they each made a shirt and some pants for their dolls.
 Also in February....our new niece was born....Madelyn May.  So sweet!  It kills me we haven't even met her yet...soon and very soon! 
 Our annual ski trip with the Youth Group was a success...(well if you don't count the sprained knee, sprained ankle, and broken foot).  The girls picked up on it so quick.  I even gave it another shot (the last time I skiied did not go well).  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and the slopes were almost empty. 
 Eating pie on Pi Day (March 14th).
And finally SPRING BREAK!!!  This year we did Country Week (click here for last year's RAINBOW WEEK)...each day we studied a different country, ate their food, found it on the map, read books, did a craft, and had fun!
MEXICO--tacos, vests, and maracas 
 IRELAND--green food, Lucky Charms for breakfast, Irish soda bread, shamrock hats, watched an Irish Dancing competition
 KOREA--Japchae (beef and noodles), Kimchee, dumplings, writing in Korean (with our friends), and Yut Nori (game)

 ITALY--Zuppa Toscana, pizza, lasagna flags, painting like Michelangelo 
CHINA--fried rice, egg rolls, crab wontons, Chinese lanterns, watched Kung Foo Panda
INDIA--the only day we went to a Indian buffet...too much amazing food to list here :)
We also did a paper doll everyday and we make a poster board for our week...
Stay tuned for our Easter adventures...
***  We are still waiting for a referral for our adoption!  THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for those of you who have supported us.  You will never know how much it means to us!  We love you all!

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