Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Lord is Risen

Our Easter was such a busy time this year (which I don't nessessarily love) that it seemed like it was gone before we knew it.  It was still special and a wonderful time celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead (but here's to making next year more intentional)!  The church down the street had an puppet show and egg hunt which was awesome because they had thousands of eggs and only a few kids. 
 The girls filled their baskets (and then gave most of their candy away).
We colored some eggs using our own food coloring and vinegar and I HIGHLY recommend it.  They were so bold and vibrant...of course I forgot to take a picture :(
And our night-before-Easter tradition of making Resurrection Rolls.  
 We also let the girls find their baskets the night before too.  We have to be at church so early on Easter, we try not to make things so rushed.  This year, the girls got their first pair of "high-heels" which they have been begging for.  They want to wear them all the time.  The don't mind the dirt but they love their dresses and glitter too :)
 They also got garden gloves and some special things for their fairy garden.
Happy Easter!!!  
 It was super windy and cold that morning...hence the looks :)
 Hadley, Andy, and I all sang for our Easter service :)
 Then we came home and had lamb...something we look forward to every year.  It was quite the feast with broccoli salad, spinach souffl√©, mac and cheese, bunny eggs, Swedish cream and berries (and more).  We invited dear friends over and had a small hunt for the kids too.
 Andy goes through our Resurrection Eggs and tells the story about how Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins...and then ROSE AGAIN, defeating death and allowing us to have a relationship with Him and the Father.
Kansas is in full bloom and we are so enjoying the beauty of God's timing.
Love to you all!

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