Monday, October 10, 2016

Wyoming...back Home on the Range

Here we are, 2 days after the mega-party, on our way to Wyoming for 2 weeks.  Andy headed to his second round of summer classes in KY and the 7 of us headed the other way.  Taking into account that we had 4 children and we were in the car for more than 10 hours, they did pretty well.
Our last stop before home was this hole in the wall Nebraska restaurant with big game animals everywhere.  We couldn't get the kids to eat with all the running around and looking at stuff.
We stayed busy in Cheyenne too.  Super Day at Lions Park was a hit (before the rain started).
only in Wyoming do they have roping lessons :)
And we made sure to have some fun visits with Uncle Ben!
We also had a fun Denver day...the zoo and Casa Bonita!!!
Our attempt at a good picture of these 4 was a challenge the whole time we were there.  I've gotten too used to saying "smile" and they do.  Maddy made the photo-ops super interesting.
We went to a Hibachi grill in Cheyenne as a family too...this was the fun before picture...
And the terrifying I'm-going-to-catch-on-fire picture.  
And we spent time at home with Oma and Opa.  Making smores and enjoying the fire.
Making "soup"
Running through the sprinklers.
Planting flowers with Oma.
Swimming (but only a couple times...we aren't in Kansas anymore with the 125% humidity).
And our attempt at the annual 4th of July picture for Oma...the was the first one...and then Maddy decided that she was done...
And this is the only (and first since before Hunter was born) of the 8 of us...whenever we get together Andy or Shaun is missing.  It isn't perfect, but I'm glad we got something.

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