Thursday, December 1, 2016

Let's Bring Royce Home!

It's a Boy!  After almost four years of paperwork and waiting, we've received a formal referral for a little boy from Haiti! We're not allowed to reveal much information about him other than his age (18 months) and his new name (Royce).  

Thankfully, with receiving a referral, we're in the home stretch! Thank you all for your encouragement and support!  A formal referral also means, though, that the majority of our fees are due very shortly.  By our calculations (with fees, plane tickets, doctor visits, etc.), we have about $25,000 to go.  With the generous gifts we've received from family and friends, a chunk of that is taken care of, but we're still in need of about $20,000 more.  We are continuing to save all that we can each month and will also be applying for a couple of grants for which we are eligible (we'll send updates about this).  In the meantime, though, we're starting an envelope campaign: 

We've decorated a wall in Royce's room with 201 envelopes--one for every week from the first day we started the adoption process until the day we got a call from Haiti.  The idea is that everyone who would like to give a financial gift to help us bring Royce home would pick one of the weeks (for example, week 23) and send us that amount ($23).  In return, we'll use the envelope on the wall to send you a thank you note written by Hadley and Joni.  You'll also be among the first to receive a photo of our family together with Royce once he's home as well as our other updates along the way.

Every envelope counts and every dollar gets us that much closer to bringing Royce home, so please consider helping us, whether you choose envelope #1 or #201.  We have a bank account set aside just for the adoption in order to make it easy to keep track of your gifts and of our fees.  There are three ways to give:

1) Just sending a check to our house is the simplest.  Message Andy on Facebook ( or leave a comment below if you don't have our address.

2) If you have PayPal, you can send money for free (no fees) using this link: Setting up a PayPal account is also free.

3) You can also give us a gift using a credit card through  They won't charge you a fee, but they will take a small transaction fee out of what we receive.

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