Thursday, June 10, 2010

Playing, campfire, and birthday

I have never seen Hadley have so much fun. She gets to be outside most of the day and she just loves it! My parents brought up her house from Cheyenne and she made Nana some "juice" last night. She has flowers in here hair too. She sure is enjoying the great outdoors.
She already has her first set of golf clubs! Her dad is loving that his daughter is going to be hitting the course with him someday.
Joni's hair after her bath stands straight up. It is really cute. We think all the hair she had when she was born is thinning out but she isn't bald yet!
We had a campfire the other night too. We roasted marshmallows, blew some bubbles for Hadley to catch, and got to hang out with the counselors a little bit. Even Joni enjoyed herself!
I CAN'T believe I'm almost 30!!! My birthday this year was wonderful. Andy let me sleep in and him and Janet made breakfast for the camp. He even took Joni so I got an extra uninterrupted couple of hours. When I went down to the lodge to eat, it was all decorated and awesome! I was so surprised and it looked great. Then Janet made the best pineapple upside down cake in all of history and I had to blow out 29 candles (Hadley helped)! I got wonderful presents and then Andy and I went to a movie that night (while Nana babysat)! It was a great day! It was the perfect last birthday to celebrate as I will not be celebrating anymore :)
We are leaving to go golfing if it doesn't start raining on us before we get there! Love to you all!


Krismisstree said...

Ahh, I miss Story! Happy birthday!! Give your girlies a squeeze for me. Love,

The Bryans said...

Ha, you're silly...happy 29th birthday!
Love the pictures...outdoor fun is the best :)

The Ennists said...

So glad to hear that you are having a great time up there! And your birthday sounds great! I will also be celebrating 29 years in August and I like your idea of not celebrating anymore:-) Continue to enjoy your summer and we hope to get to see you sometime!

Stacey said...

Happy belated birthday. I totally hear you about the 30 thing. Mine is in Oct. so coming up quickly, but I think I am done celebrating them. If i don't celebrate then maybe they won't happen! Looking at your pictures makes me totally miss WY.