Friday, June 4, 2010

We love Wyoming

Well...we made it!!! After a REALLY long trip (2 FULL days of driving to WY) with two little ones we finally made it to Wyoming! It has been so good being here and seeing family. Hadley and Joni have been getting spoiled by their Grandmas, of course, and Andy and I have been enjoying 0% humidity and cool weather. We stayed in Cheyenne for a few days before heading up to Sheridan to the camp that Andy and I running this summer. My mom bought this house for Hadley at a garage sale and we brought it with us...she loves it.

Trying our best Anne Geddes (not spelled right I'm sure) shot. Hadley was a trooper when she wasn't trying to turn the water on.

In Story at last! Andy arrived a week early and already had so much done as far as cleaning and bug killing! My parents brought up their camper for us to stay in over the summer and we have been just enjoying the dry summer weather and the mountains. I thought I was never say this, but it was good to see FLAT Nebraska on our drive....wide open spaces are nothing to take for granted!
This is my Dolly Parton pose. Actually it is Joni wrapped up in a Moby (the fabric baby holder thing). She loves and I get to have my hands free. I am planning on using it a lot this summer!
Hadley is helping clean out a cabin. She has also helped rake and sweep and step on kind of girl :)
Hadley and her Nana---Janet is staying with us for the month of June and we would be LOST without her. She has been amazing and we LOVE her. Hadley is going to have a rough time when she goes home!
Our family of 4 before church this past Sunday. Hadley got sick the day we arrived and as you can tell still wasn't feeling herself (she is getting better though---the clean mountain air does wonders)!
And our Joni-girl....hope I haven't posted this picture yet....apparently I do that! She is getting so big already. She was 3 weeks yesterday and I look her and look at Hadley and know time is going to fly by. Pretty soon they will be running around together getting in trouble and looking darn cute doing it!
Well to all our WY friends...COME SEE US....we have lots of cabins! To all our KY friends......WE MISS YOU! Hope you are all well and love to everyone!


Lee Ann said...

We will come and see you. How would that work?

Hughes' said...

What about your Nebraska friends huh? Apparently you're just exclusive to Wyoming and Kentucky?? Just kiddn. Loved the update!!

Krismisstree said...


ruth2ea said...

GREAT pictures! The scenery looks amazing! We miss you guys but know that you are enjoying your time there! Much love and prayers!

The Bryans said...

Great pictures! Looks like fun! Jonell looks so much like her big sister!
Will you be back in Cheyenne for a few days before heading back? We'd love to come visit you!