Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Part 2

And a new year is here and Christmas has come and gone again. We had a wonderful time in Wyoming and we have lots of pictures too so enjoy. The night before we left, our church had a Christmas candlelight service and Hadley's class sang a couple of songs to start off the evening. Our little girl in her first concert....she's all grown up! If you haven't seen it yet, here is the link so you can....I promise, it's entertaining! Click here!
So we flew to Wyoming without any difficulties except an hour longer flight than planned due to a 130 mph head wind. We spent the first part of the week just hanging out at home, keeping busy with errands, shopping, and getting ready for our trip to Sheridan on Christmas Eve. Hadley made fast friends with the cats....she gave them lots of kitty treats and because of this, they really liked her too!
She helped Oma in the kitchen making cookies (mostly eating the batter).
Opening presents from Uncle Ben (of course you can't go wrong with Cars stuff).
And a welcome home dinner with the Brazzales, our dearest family friends!
Melinda made Joni the cutest little quilt and we love it! Becca and her are trying it out.
Uncle Benny with his nieces.
The only picture we got with Hadley sitting on Santa's lap.
Our Joni girl. She had a great first Christmas if you ask me. She won't remember it but she had a great time.
So we drove up to Sheridan to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my sister's house. My mom and dad bought this rocking horse for the girls. Hadley was professional little cowgirl by the time we left (although Hadley would have loved if we carried it on the plane, we had to leave it in Wyoming).
For Christmas Eve dinner we had fondue with my family and my aunt, uncle, and cousin from Gillette. It was quite the meal....beef, buffalo, pork, chicken, deer, and shrimp in oil, beer batter bread in cheese sauce, and fruit and chocolate fondue for dessert. Yeah, I gained like 72 pounds in 2 weeks :)
Opening presents Christmas morning...Janet bought the girls these so so cute Christmas morning PJs. So stinking cute!
Hadley and Koda waiting for breakfast.
More presents.....
....Joni in her cowgirl/western themed presents. My mom makes these bibs and the slippers are boots.
The quilt/table-topper I made for Court.
Jo loving her new little puppy.
While we waited for Christmas dinner to get done we went to my sister's school where she teaches Kindergarten. She loves turtles so she bought one for her classroom. It is really tiny and really cute and she named him Squirt which totally fits.
Hadley had to go down the slide a few times and go swinging since we were so close and the weather was actually really nice. I expected to go home to Wyoming to see snow on Christmas but it was sunny and beautiful!
Our matching PJs!
Jo and her puppy again.
More cute Christmas outfits that my mom sent before we left for Wyoming. Thanks again Mom for the great clothes!
My mom has a recipe for some great homemade play-dough. I haven't gotten or made her any because I thought she was eat it but she did great! We are going to make some more again soon!
More cookies.....more eating.....
more darling outfits!
Hope you all had a very merry Christmas and are enjoying the first few days of the new year. Andy doesn't start school again until February so we are enjoying the break. If you want to come visit, now is the perfect time! :) Love to you all!

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