Friday, January 14, 2011

New Years, an Ice Storm, and a tree

Happy January everyone! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying winter which has definitely hit Louisville and your part of the country as well I'm sure! We are doing well, getting back in the swing of things and spending lots of time with Andy before school starts in a couple of weeks. Before we left for Christmas, we got a package with some dry ice in it. Andy was really excited and quickly decided that we needed to play with some before it was gone. Hadley thought it was pretty cool too.
We didn't let her actually touch the pieces but she liked to feel how cold the water was.
Cute girl still in her P.J.s
So....winter. Apparently in Louisville that means ICE. We didn't have an ice storm last winter we were here but we have been hearing lots about it. The year before we came they had an ice storm that shut off power for a week. Well we finally were hit by one and you don't really understand what its about until you have to break your car out of it....and by break I mean chip away at it so you can get your car door open in order to start it and then let it melt enough to slide it off the windshield in one big piece. It was really pretty on the trees though.
So it looks like water is running down the window but that is solid ice.
Ice, ice, everywhere.
Our grill we leave outside. Hadley loved it because even a couple days after it hit, we were still finding icicles that she could eat.
For New Years Eve and day we drove to Indianapolis to spend time with our dear friends Jon and Heather Hughes and precious baby Nolan. It was a blessing to just fellowship and relax. We came home on Sat evening and I'm pretty sure we all staying in our pajamas until well after lunch. It was a wonderful time!
New Year's toast (with sparkling cider).
Jo, Jon, and Nolan
The Hughes' with the kiddos....
The Hubers with the kiddos....we all had a great time playing! Love you guys!
Andy brought home a bag of clothes from a friend to see if we could wear any of it. There were lots of swimming suits for the girls and one for me and Hadley promptly decided that she needed to try them on (all at once).
We thought she did pretty good getting those suits on. She wasn't a happy camper either when she had to take them all off.
So for Christmas, Janet and Kemper bought us a season pass the the Science Center in Louisville!!!! It will be so wonderful to visit, especially when it's cold outside but we need something fun to do outside the house. We went the other day and they have a great kid zone section that Hadley would play in all day if we let her.
Our first trip to the Science Center was exactly a year ago and here is Hadley doing to same thing then. I can't believe how much she has grown in just a year!
Joni got to play in the "crawlers only" section and she loved it too!
Hadley hard at work....I mean play.
Going to the moon...
In the airplane....
Joni loved these metal beads they had hanging from the ceiling. I think they are supposed to be rain for the plane.
She loved them....
Hadley in a bubble....
Hadley in a bubble one year ago.
BATH TIME! Both girls love taking baths and we have been putting them in there together (with Joni in her tub) and they laugh and play and giggle and splash and kick and love it!
We got some video I'll post later of Joni laughing at was so funny.
She was sucking on the head of this duck too....and laughing at the same time. Apparently that Hadley is quite the comedian.
Our cute Joni. This was the first time she sat in the high chair and she thought it was great. We have a bumbo she usually sits in but Hadley and I were playing with play dough and Jo just wanted to watch.
This kid loves play dough! sweet.
We pray they become best of now they are well on their way.
My winter tree! Since I love Christmas trees and it makes me sad when I have to take mine down, I decided to have a winter, Valentines, St. Patricks Day, Easter tree (long story). Last year I decorated the giant tree and it took a long time but we found this little tree at a yard sale this summer and it's PERFECT! Don't worry, I'll post pictures when I decorate it for the other months.
Love to you all!


Hughes' said...

Ha- I'm not sure why but the pics from New Years made me tear up! Must be cause we miss you guys and are so thankful to have you close!

VogueOntheRange said...

Oh my goodness, SUCH a beautiful family and so much fun to see your pics! I had no idea you were in Louisville - so close, I'm in DC if you ever want to take a field trip :) Love love! -Lace