Sunday, March 13, 2016

Disney Part 1 --- Pop Century and Animal Kingdom

And then February 22 finally came...I'm thankful we didn't go in July because the anticipation would have been too much :)  The Hubers let me plan what we did each day since I had worked there and I'm so so thankful for that.  We went from sun-up to sun-down every day to pack it all in and we got 99.9% of it done.  We were tired, but we had a blast!!!  It was such a wonderful week.  A million times thank you to Janet and Kemper and Uncle Ben!!!
Our flight left KS at 7 am and we were in checked in to our hotel and at the park and ready for fun by noon. 
We stayed at the Pop Century the 70s section.
We made it and we hit the ground running!  
FYI:  Janet is awesome and paid for us to have something called Memory Maker which allows Disney photographers to take our picture so all of us could be in it.  Also, if you ask, they do "magic shots" where they tell you to pose and later when you upload the picture, something has been added to it.  These were a favorite for the girls and they turned out super cute.  
 This is the new Mt. Everest roller coaster...the mountain behind us is real (I think it looks photoshopped), the snow is not.  
 Here with no snow you can see the tracks for the roller coaster.  It was super fast, super dark, and super fun for everyone except Janet...and maybe Joni too (see below).
 Memory Maker also lets you keep and upload the photos they take of you on the rides.  So amazing, mostly because its so fun to look at everyones scared faces.  Hadley, Ben, and Kemper went on it 3 times!  Things we learned at Disney #1:  Hadley LOVES roller coasters...the faster and darker, the better.  
Poor Jo and Nana.  Obviously, Andy's early morning has caught up with him :)
And the Dinosaur ride...this is the moment when the T-Rex comes out of the black darkness and tries to eat you...if you can't tell it was on my side and I thought it really was going to eat me.  Hadley is trying to find her happy place.
 Our first characters of the of our favorite movies and Andy's favorite Disney characters....Dug and Russell from Up.
 And my favorite picture of the whole trip.  
 The girls each got a "Wilderness Explorer Handbook" and they did little tasks around Animal Kingdom to get stickers.  
 "It's Tough to be a Bug"--3D show based on A Bug's Life
 "Kilimanjaro Safaris"
What sleep looks like after a long fun day. 
 Love to you all!

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