Saturday, March 19, 2016

Disney Part 3--Hollywood Studios

This was the day we rode lots of rides and saw lots of shows.  
We raced 200 other people, who were also waiting with us at the front gate, to the new Toy Story ride (only rode it once...but would have done it again if the line weren't so long). 
Star Wars (rode 2 times)...we watched all 7 of the movies in the weeks leading up to our trip and so the girls were pretty excited to see everyone....well mostly excited (except for Kylo Ren and the storm troopers).  This was also the only day we were there that it rained.  Sometimes it was a  downpour and sometimes a drizzle.  Thankfully, it was done by the afternoon, but it was a soggy morning.
So Disney prides itself on being authentic...the characters you meet keep their personalities in real life...Chip and Dale are silly, Sully (as you'll see below) is playful, and Minnie and Mickey are super loving.  The villains are no different.  So, the nervous looking faces on our girls are legit.  Kylo Ren was super scary and mean and if you could see his face, I'm sure he wouldn't be smiling.  
Tower of Terror--rode it 3 times!  (Note Janet's face again...far right).  Hadley and Andy are pretending to be sleeping.  I'm not sure Hadley would have slept through Nana's death grip!
Tower of Terror is in the background.
My favorite ride in all of Disney World and the only one that Hadley was too short to go on...Rockin' Roller Coaster (rode 2 times).
The Great Movie Ride
This was the closest we got to Anna and Elsa and we didn't have to wait 75 minutes in a line!  The Frozen Sing Along was entertaining and even though the girls knew all the words, they were mesmerized by the actors and didn't sing.  :)

The Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground
  I loved this movie growing up and loved watching it again with the girls before we left.  We heard devastating news while we were there that in April, the playground will be torn down to make room for Star Wars :(
Joni in her spider house...she's sleeping in her "bed"
We love Mike and Sully!
Gotta have Mickey shaped food at every meal :)
Lots of magic shots this day.
One of the best night shows is at Hollywood Studios.  Mickey battles the bad guys with water and fire and wins.  It's a fun show.  The girls are showing off their "1st Visit" badges while we wait.  Best idea ever...bringing your own glow sticks from the $ store so you don't have to buy the $45 ones they provide.
Love to you all!

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