Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Disney Part 4--Magic Kingdom

The girls were pretty excited about seeing the castle for the first time and then after that it was running from one end of the park to the other trying to get all the rides done (which we did!).  We got there early and headed to the back of the park and it was AWESOME and weird.  There was no one else around.  We rode the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 3 times in row.
Playing in the Pirates of the Caribbean giftshop
It's a Small World
The view from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse...Hadley was pretty disappointed you couldn't go in the rooms and play with all the stuff but I was glad we watched the movie before we went so they knew what we were looking at.
Rapunzel's tower...(which you can't go in but is still fun to see)
We had lunch at the Beast's castle.
More Mickey shaped food (Mickey meatloaf:  good to look at, not so much to eat).
and we tried the gray stuff (it was delicious...don't believe me, ask the dishes).
and saw the rose (that Belle almost ruined everything by touching)...
Then we went to Enchanted Tales with Belle and Hadley was picked to be Philippe (the horse).
and Joni was one of the other castle characters :)
 Trying to pull the Sword from the Stone :)  
Hadley wanted to meet Ariel (which we did the second day) and Joni wanted to meet Merida (who she is dressed like) and so we did.  Andy skipped the parade to get in line so we didn't have to wait too long.  Oh, and she was awesome.  
She might have been a bit star-struck.  I might have been a bit teary-eyed.
The really good Snow White ride....the girls loved it but we only were able to do it once.  I would have done it a ton more if the line hadn't been over an hour long.
It was a little chilly that day and none of us wanted to get wet and then been cold so we wore our rain ponchos on Splash Mountain....yes we are those people.  I brought extra clothes for the girls and Hadley ended up needing those dry clothes after the ride but it was worth it.  I love Jo's face in this picture.
What a happy amazing wonderful exciting time!  I can't thank Ben and Janet and Kemper enough for wanting to take the girls and letting us go along!!!  THANK YOU FOREVER!
Love to you all!

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