Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Disney Part 2--Epcot

EPCOT was amazing!  It was one of our busiest days and packed full of fun.  We started off with Test Track (fast with no drops or darkness so Nana loved it).  Then, one of the highlights of our whole trip, we had breakfast with the princesses.  The girls were beside themselves.  I might have cried a tear or two watching the girls and knowing how happy they were.  
Designing our pretend car for Test Track.
Not the ideal ride, first thing in the morning, if you want to keep your hair nice.
Epcot has 2 sections...the educational imagination section (Future World) and the countries (World Showcase) which is also educational so win-win.  Our breakfast was in Norway and the food (reminiscent of that country) was good.  We met Belle first and the rest came right to our tables.
The girls wanted to see Ariel and Merida the most.  So, we crossed off Ariel right away.

Alice in Wonderland (who was super fun and super friendly even though she isn't technically a princess..she was my favorite that morning).  
and Snow White.
With full tummies and the rest of the day before us, we made our way around World Showcase to the other 10 countries.  I made the girls a little passport that we got stamped in each country.  We ate a little snack in France, saw Aladdin and Jasmine in Morocco, had dinner in Mexico, and fun everywhere else.
Tried hats on in Norway...
Pictures in France
and Italy
How many Hubers can fit in a phone booth in the U.K.? Answer: 5 (that were willing to get in)
Getting our passport stamped in Germany...
Germany at night (not taken by us)  :)
More hats in China...
It was a good character day too.  Besides the princesses and Aladdin and Jasmine, we saw Baymax from Big Hero 6..
Minnie and Pluto
and Goofy.
More magic shots...
We love our Uncle Benny for bringing us to Disney World!!!
We did spend time in the Future World part of Epcot too.  Went to the aquarium...  
and to space...
and had great seats for the night show...Reflections of Earth.  
Such a great day.  Love to you all!

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