Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Time in KY

We are having the best time in TX, leaving tomorrow and are not ready to get back to the real world and start another (hopefully last) semester.  We have been busy busy going going going while here so we are going to do a bunch of posts for our TX Christmas.  Before we start, here are a couple more from before we left.  We opened our family presents (ours to each other and some from my parents and friends before we left).  Sweet sisters.
 Jo is trying on the sweet rain boots I got.  
 Getting ready for church....I'm doing Hadley's hair and she is doing Joni's.  I love having girls!
 More darling Christmas dresses from Oma!
 This was our candlelight service......
 where Hadley's sunday school class performed.  Hadley didn't sing much on stage even though she has been singing the songs all December around the house.  They were still cute though.  You can see the performance HERE.  It was very sweet.
 Apparently Joni likes to try on other people's presents.  
 We want a big family (as most of you know) and we were babysitting 2 sets of kids and took a picture all together.  6 kids (or more ;)) is totally do-able!  Before some of you panic....we are immensely enjoying the two we have and love being a family of 4.  :)  
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Can't believe it's 2012.  Stay tuned for all the Christmas fun in TX!!!  Love to you all.

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