Sunday, January 8, 2012

Part 2--TX Christmas

Next on Nana's list of fun fun things was to put together and decorate a gingerbread house.  They did this exact thing last year and so I hope it becomes a tradition.  Nana and I love decorating and Hadley and Joni love eating all the candy.  It works out.  :)
 The finished looks delicious!
 On Christmas Eve, everyone got dressed up to go to church.  This was the candlelight service and it was special so we put on the fancy dresses.  
For those of you who haven't heard, Andy's parents moved to TX in order for Kemper to fill an interim pastor position while the church puts together a search committee and hires a new permanent pastor.  This is the "children's chat" he has during every service.  The girls are listening intently....  
 sort of.
 Then Andy and him sang "Oh Holy Night" (one of my favorites) and it was awesome.  Andy got his singing talents from his father (both of them ;)) and hopefully he passes some of those along to the girls because they are NOT getting any of that from my direction.
 The Huber Family, minus Ben :(  
 Merry Christmas!!!  The girls were up bright and early, of course, and here are waiting for Nana and Papa and everyone else to wake up to get the show on the road.
 Stockings first.....
 Then presents!  Nana and Papa and Oma and Opa and GGP sure outdid themselves with all the wonderful things the girls received!  These shoes (she immediately put on once opening) are part of an outfit (picture to come) that Nana made!
 This is a Royal Rummy board I made for Kemper.  The finished product is below.  He loved it and we played a few rounds on it while we were there to break it in.
Not sure how many of you saw this picture on Facebook.  This is what happened at JCPenny when we went Christmas shopping.  Joni got out of the stroller for a second, I called her, and then I heard something every mother never wants to hear......CRASH!  I realize it could have been much worse than $100 helicopters (china, bouncy balls, etc) but this picture only shows 1/3 of the pile.  The store people thought it was hilarious and it took 3 of them and Andy 5 minutes to stack them all up again.  
And for Christmas, Andy got.......a helicopter from Janet and Kemper.  Funny funny!  Joni helped him open this one so it was fitting!
It was a good morning....we are truly blessed.
 Then off to church again.  
 And another "children's chat."
 And gecko finding?  Andy found this in the choir loft and the girls thought he was cute.  We let him go outside....I think he just wanted to be in church on Christmas like everyone else.....he knows who is Creator is!  
Then home for a quick lunch and a nap before Christmas dinner.
And this is what happens when Joni wants to help with the rolls.  We left them rising within her reach.  :)
 While the adults made rolls and casseroles and salad and ham for dinner, the kids made birthday cupcakes for Jesus.  
 Joni doing what she does best and eating rather than decorating.  Such a "sweet" girl.
There!  All she needed was a little help from Nana!
 Hadley likes to lick the knife but she isn't too bad at frosting things....
Kemper's brother Brian and his family (who live in Dallas) came down to spend a few days with us after Christmas.  This is Caroline and Callahan helping with the cupcakes.
 Check out that action shot.  That is some major concentration!
 Happy Birthday Jesus!  More to come soon!  Love to you all!

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