Friday, January 13, 2012

Part 3---San Antonio River Walk

Our next big adventure was to the San Antonio River Walk.......something S.A. is famous for...that and the Alamo (which we didn't visit).  We went down early for dinner and stayed until dark so we could all the pretty lights on our river boat tour (some of you might remember that Janet and I did this when the girls and I visited in see daytime pictures of the tour go HERE). 
We went down the day after Christmas and as you can see, we weren't the only ones out and about.  
The gang's all here...Brain (taking the picture), Jen, Janet, Andy, Hadley, Kemper, Joni, me, Caroline, Callahan, and Curran eating some delicious Mexican.
 ....and listening to a Mariachi band (which cost $20 a song mind you).
 Joni didn't appreciate the music.  In her defense, it was pretty loud. 
 But she loved the queso.
The view as we made our way to the boats....
And we're off.

This is an optical illusion building.  It is actually triangular shaped but it looks like a tall flat piece.
More to come soon!  Love to you all!


Hughes' said...

Thanks for all the fun posts. The river walk is so pretty! I'm just glad you guys got away and had a good time! I've been meaning to call you for over a week now! I will do it soon!! Love you guys!

Wyodaho Cardons said...

The riverwalk looks gorgeous! We did that awhile ago and loved it, but didn't have the Christmas lights. Glad you had a fun time!