Wednesday, January 4, 2012

TX Christmas Part 1

Well here we go......a TX Christmas!  I must admit, being from WY, Christmas just isn't the same without snow or wind or freezing temperatures.  Well we were there for just over a week and 3-4 of those days got up in the 70s and 80s but TX must have known I was coming because the rest of the was cold (Andy wants me to say here that I am kind of a wimp when it comes to the cold and that the weather was perfect)!  No negatives mind you, but cold enough to feel like Christmas.
The first morning we were there, I received my first Christmas present and got to sleep in!  Can I just say "YAY!" and *sigh*.  Nana and Papa made the girls pancakes (because you know for a fact they did NOT sleep in) and cut them into trees.......
and stars.  
The first thing on Nana's fun fun TX Christmas fun list was to go to Santa's Workshop at the Bass Pro Shop (a fun place to go even when it isn't Christmas).  They have little stations where you can try some sweet toys they want to you then buy but they also have a merry-go-round and of course Santa.  Joni is holding on for "deer" life :)  I'm fairly certain it hadn't started moving yet but better safe than sorry.   
A nice little winter scene....
Hadley practicing for when her and Opa go hunting someday.  :)
It was actually a family affair.  This is my kind of hunting....shooting red targets that don't move and that you don't have to watch die!
Checking out the big fish tank that the Bass Pro Shops are well known for.  
I thought it was funny we took this picture on a parked display 4-wheeler in the middle of a giant camping store because this is what Andy and Hadley did every single day this summer......riding an actual working 4-wheeler in the middle of the mountains with dirt flying everywhere.  I think Hadley was probably wondering why this one wasn't working like she remembered.
And then the girls tried out some camping gear that totally got me in the mood for going out, pitching a tent, finding our meals in the forest, and "roughing it" (staying in my parents' awesome camper and grilling steaks and crab wontons sounds good too, though).  
Posing by the giant Christmas tree.....
and with Nana and Papa in front of the fireplace.
You don't see a tree like this everyday.  I thought it was cool (and kind of sad--again, the wimp in me).
Bass Pro Shops is also known for its large collection of awesome (and a little creepy) wildlife that has been "taxidermied" to stay in active, real, slightly startling poses.  Hadley wanted to touch this bear's tooth, so she did.  Joni would not go near the thing and really, can you blame her? 
The reason there are no pictures of Santa is because when we got there at 12, they were handing out tickets and the next available time was at 3:30!  I kid you not!  So we left the big guy to his long lines and went and had the fun we have just shared with you instead.  Good idea, Nana!  To be continued.......

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